NFT Project Series Part 14: Conclusion

NFT Project Series Part 14: Conclusion

Khatm! Tata! Bye-bye

Congratulations for making it till the end! In this article, we are finally going to end this series with some final words and summarisation!

What We Learnt

So, in this whole series, we learnt a lot of things which are summarised below:

  1. Difference between data-communication in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

  2. How to easily switch between our database in Web 2.0 using just few lines of code and cool abstraction technique!

  3. How to build Angular App in Web 2.0 to communicate with backend server!

  4. How to build NextJS, React, Remix apps for doing the same task!

  5. We then learnt how to build a simple solidity ethereum based smart contract and how to deploy it on-chain: Rinkeby Test Network in our case!

  6. How to make Angular talk with our deployed on-chain smart contract!

  7. How to make React, Remix, and NextJS talk with the same!

  8. We learnt how to do event based monitoring of our blockchain state changes to refresh the user screen in real-time.

  9. And finally we read about the key takeaways which were important: Ease of universal payment and Permanent Storage with Immutability!

Until Next Time!

It took a lot of time and effort to come up with the project. I am also releasing the videos on the same in my YouTube Channel: IBCoder in the following playlist: English NFT Project Videos and Hindi NFT Project Videos

Videos take a lot of time in editing though! Anyways, glad you all stuck with it. Once again, special thanks to Pointer team and Kenneth for giving me permission to use their tutorial for this and video series!

So, see you next. Bye!